Mazur Organic Cold-Pressed Canola Oil (non-GMO, local), 500 mL



From seeds grown by farmers in Western Canada, this organic, GMO-free, canola oil is cold-pressed at a small facility in Kelowna, British Columbia. No extra heat or chemicals are used during the process, allowing the oil to keep its natural buttery, nutty flavour and ALL of the nutrients. It is very softly refined through natural processes to allow the organic canola oil to be used at medium-high heats.

The bi-product of cold-pressing is called canola meal; this meal is used by a local family-owned organic dairy to feed their cows and actually helps improve the overall quality of the milk. Mazur's connection with local farmers allows them to make use of the entire canola seed.

Smoke point: 400F / 204C
Taste: Buttery, Nutty
Colour: Golden

Organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed, gluten-free, Canadian grown

Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed canola oil


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